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All size Nigerian bags

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non woven bags

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Big umbrella

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Welcome to Liztech Merchandise

Liztech Company Limited is a general business entity that deals with Supplies, Retailing, and Wholesale of general Merchandise and to the end users. We are specialists in all types of Household goods, Industrial goods and having maintained a high degree of reliability and integrity, we are able to even distribute goods around all counties in kenya.

Demand and Supply Seasons

Liztech Company Limited has business professionals who are able to do analysis of the current market of goods where based on this, we are able to bring you the best of quality goods to fit the current and future consumer needs.

Find Us Today

Liztech Company Limited is currently located at the heart of Nairobi City.
At Kamukunji Trade Centre
Next to Kamukunji Police Station
Ground Floor, G10
P.O. Box 1033-00600, Nairobi
Tel : +254 722 109 477

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